1 June 2022


The purpose and mission of the Legal Department of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, is to get the performance of the University, at all levels, is conducted with full respect for the law and the law by advising Governing Bodies and Administration and the defense at trial for their actions and interests, assuming its representation before government and other powers.


The activity of the Legal Department is determined by Regulation Legal Advisory Service of the University Miguel Hernández approved by the Governing Council of 14 December 2011, as well as state and regional superior rules that directly affect such activity.

– From Internal Order:

  • Legal advice to the various bodies of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and legality of their actions and decisions.

– External ORDER:

  • Representation and defense of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, before other authorities, courts, any order or jurisdiction.
  • Acting representation and defense of the University in court procedures, in which he is interested.
  • Representation of the University in the inter-administrative agreements with other Public Administrations.
  • Representation and address the interests of the University in the Joint Commissions and Consortiums formed with other Public Administrations.
  • Participation in conferences and legal forums, through interventions, assists and presentations.

– Performances advisory.

  • Legal Advice
  • Reports are required according to law and regulations:
    • Sheets of administrative clauses
    • Statement of harmfulness of administrative acts
    • Acts of disposition of the university heritage
    • Ex officio review of administrative acts
    • Agreements with public entities or private
    • Reports prior claims to the exercise of civil or labor
    • Appeals lodged before the Rector and internal appeals against acts of the Rector and against decisions of the Governing Council
    • Proposals disciplined members of the university community
    • Records liability
  • Issue regular reports and opinions
  • Control of Legality
  • Motions for resolutions with mandatory report
  • Processing Files for Legal Advice
  • Assists face with advice
  • Technical support and mandatory reports on disciplinary records

– Performances of contentiousness.

  • Exercised through the Head of Service of the Legal Counsel and External representation, management and legal defense of the University in accordance with the procedural laws, covering it all jurisdiction.
  • Assistance, by order of the Rector, to the individual organs and staff serving the University, provided that the proceedings were the result of acts and omissions in public practice, according to law or under orders of superior and not a conflict of interest.
  • Filing civil lawsuits, administrative appeal or criminal actions, prior authorization of the competent organ, Rector or the Governing Council, against other administrations, institutions, corporations, partnerships or individuals.
  • Receive Sentences handed down in courts and tribunals on matters in which they intervene or display involved the University, reporting on the actions and terms for their implementation should be performed.
  • Welcome, control and processing of all notifications and requests received from the Administration of Justice and other public administrations.